Nick Gillespie

Nicholas John Gillespie is an American libertarian journalist. He is the editor of Reason.com and Reason.tv and was the editor-in-chief of Reason magazine from 2000 to 2008. He has written articles or been a commentator for a variety of media outlets. Gillespie has edited one anthology, Choice: The Best of Reason.

Gillespie shared the award for "Best Advocacy Journalism" at the 53rd Annual Southern California Journalism Awards with Drew Carey and Paul Feine for their work "Reason Saves Cleveland." He also received an honorable mention for "Best News Organization Website."

In 2011, Gillespie published The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong with America with Reason editor-in-chief Matt Welch.

Michael Munger

An inspiring, funny and highly engaging speaker, Professor Mike Munger is one of the worlds foremost public choice economists, and a former chair of the political science department at Duke University, where he continues to teach political science, public policy, and economics.

Prof Munger is a prolific writer, and his book "Analyzing Policy: Choices, Conflicts, and Practices" is now a standard work in the field of policy analysis. In 2008 he was the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of North Carolina. He was also featured in the famous Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek rap videos, and we are very much looking forward to welcoming Michael back to Australia.

Cory Bernardi

Senator Cory Bernardi is a Senator for South Australia and leader of the Australian Conservatives. He is a former member of the Liberal Party of Australia, having represented the party in the Senate from 2006-2017

As a member of the Liberal Party of Australia for over 30 years, Cory fought to support Sir Robert Menzies' vision of stronger families, fostering free enterprise, limited government and supporting civil society of the 'forgotten people'.

Since being sworn in as a Senator for South Australia in May 2006, Cory has been an unapologetic advocate for these principles. His defence of free speech, traditional marriage and Australian culture has gained him a reputation as a conviction politician who puts principle above political expediency.

Cory then founded Australian Conservatives in 2017, providing a community for Australians who believe conservative principles are the better way for the nation.

In 2009, Cory founded the Conservative Leadership Foundation – a not-for-profit educational, research and training organisation dedicated to developing Australia’s future leaders around the guiding principles of limited government, personal responsibility, free enterprise and traditional values.

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is a former candidate for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 nomination for President of the United States, taking second place in a crowded primary behind Governor Gary Johnson, and ahead of cyber security maverick, John McAfee. Petersen earned many high profile endorsements in his run for the White House, including that of Mary Matalin, Erick Erickson, and Leon Wolf of RedState.com

Austin Petersen is the owner and chief executive of Stonegait LLC, a for-profit consulting firm specializing in photo and video services. Stonegait also provides social media advice, political campaign expertise and grassroots organizing strategies to candidates for office or to brands looking for more exposure. He is also the honorary Chairman of the Stonegait Institute, and Stonegait PAC, two non-profits dedicated to libertarian advocacy, as well as funding candidates and campaigns dedicated to the cause.

Austin grew up on a farm in the Midwest in a town called Peculiar, Missouri. Graduating from Missouri State University with a degree in the Fine Arts, Petersen moved to New York City after graduation to a pursue a career in media.

Daisy Cousens

Daisy is a freelance journalist, political commentator, and (occasional) provocateur based in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from the University of Sydney in 2015 with a Master of Creative Writing; preceded by a Bachelor of Music at the Australian Institute of Music, and a Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University.

Soon after completing her Masters, Daisy became a chief contributor at SheSaid Online Magazine, and in 2016 began freelancing for The Spectator Australia. Her focus is political ideology, culture, and satire. She was also the Editorial Assistant at Quadrant Magazine, and remains a continuing contributor for the Quadrant print edition and was recently featured as a panelist on ABC's Q&A!

Along with The Spectator and Quadrant, Daisy writes for deadcentrepolitics.com, with a focus on the conservative stance. She is also taking part in a think tank at the Menzies Research Centre; presenting the downside of national debt and deficit to millennials. In her own words, “an initiative to un-demonise capitalism to a generation who have been indoctrinated to hate it”.

Daisy enjoys sports journalism, and has freelanced for The Roar Sports, with a focus on tennis. She has also appeared on QandA, ABC News24, Paul Murray Live, and The Project.

Mark Latham

Mark Latham is the former Leader of the Opposition and leader of the Australian Labor Party. Since leaving political office, he has become a prominent political commentator and is the co-host of Outsiders on Sky News Live.

Guaranteed to be provocative and controversial, we are looking forward to him joining us and creating stimulating debate.

Naomi Brockwell

Naomi Brockwell is a producer on the Stossel Show, formerly on Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel. She is a policy director at Blockchain Tech Corp, on the Advisory Council at the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, and a contributor for Reason TV. She partnered with Gene Epstein, economics editor of Barron's, to set up The Soho Forum, a monthly lecture series for libertarians.

She is the CEO and founder of Rainsworth Productions, and Media Liaison Officer for the Principality of Hutt River. She has produced numerous films and documentaries, and was an associate producer on the 2015 feature documentary "Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It" (Winner Special Jury Prize at Amsterdam Film Festival, Winner Best Film at Amsterdam Film Festival).

Naomi appears regularly on Fox Business as a spokesperson for Bitcoin, and is the two-time MC of the International d10e Bitcoin and Tech conference. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Playboy Culture, and Bloomberg for her efforts in bitcoin outreach.

She hosts a monthly Austrian Economics reading group in NYC, is the creator and host of Bitcoingirl.org, and the author of the children's book Billy's Bitcoin.

Naomi is originally from Perth, with a degree in Classical Music from WAAPA and a degree in Performance from Curtin University.

Judd Weiss

Judd Weiss is a former Vice-Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party of the USA.

Judd Weiss received the Remax Hall of Fame Award after ranking among the top 10 Real Estate Agents in the state of California, and among the top 20 Agents in the world at Remax Commercial for multiple years during his mid 20s. He soon began his own independent Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, where he trained a growing team of Sales Agents focused on high-value, high-pressure negotiations. A serial entrepreneur, Judd has launched multiple successful ventures, and teaches others the importance of character in developing lasting strong business success.

Judd has become noteworthy in Libertarian circles for hosting frequent high quality cocktail party events featuring sophisticated attractive crowds with high profile Libertarian speakers and organizations, including Gary Johnson, Peter Schiff, Yaron Brook, Adam Kokesh, Reason Foundation, Marijuanan Policy Project, among others.

Lately Judd has raised his profile as a writer and frequent conference speaker. As an established salesman, Judd focuses his message on connecting with people, and has successfully brought political ideas of liberty to many who would otherwise be opposed or apathetic.As an extremely prolific hobbyist photographer Judd now has over 20,000 Facebook profile pictures attributed to him!

Judd writes about business and politics on his blog at http://hustlebear.com, and you can follow him on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/juddweiss).

Theresa Moltoni OAM

Theresa is the President (and Non-Executive Director) of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Queensland (CCIQ) and is is the Managing Director of IRIQ, an Industrial Relations consultancy that operates across Australia and that she founded in 2008.

She is also a member of the Board of Advisers of the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance and a Non-Executive Director of both the Australian Chamber of Commerce (ACCI) and Collaborate Co-Working.

She is the Founding Chair of the Dancing CEOs annual event to provide support services for domestic violence. Theresa founded and has chaired the well-respected Workplace Relations group at The Brisbane Club for some years.

Theresa was awarded an OAM for service to Industrial Relations in the 2016 Queens Birthday Honours.

Theresa's experience spans more than 25 years and covers a wide range of Senior Executive roles in a number of industry sectors. She has held Senior Executive HR roles in Telstra, in both State and Federal Governments including as State Manager for the Office of the Employment Advocate/Workplace Authority, as Global Head of HR for leading retailer the Super Retail Group and at WorkPac initially as the HR/IR Director and subsequently as the CEO. Theresa has also sat on the Executive Management Committee of the Industrial Relations Society of Queensland as Vice President Employer and its National body ALERA.

Matthew Sinclair

Matthew Sinclair is known throughout the international free market community as the best issues campaigner alive today, responsible for campaigns such as “"Mash The Beer Tax" in the UK which succeeded in forcing the Government to CUT the beer tax for the first time in a half century!

Matthew presently works for Westbourne Communications in London. Prior to this he worked at the UK Tax Payers' Alliance (TPA) in a number of roles, including most recently Chief Executive. His responsibilities included being lead editor of the award winning 2020 Tax Commission; a major joint project on tax policy with the Institute of Directors; authoring two books; 'How to Cut Public Spending' and 'Let Them Eat Carbon'; and representing the TPA in the national and international media and parliamentary hearings.

As someone who revolutionised campaigning in the UK, we are delighted to announce he shall be leading interactive campaigning training at #Friedman17 to ensure we make real strides in restoring liberty in Australia!

Avens O'Brien

Avens O'Brien is a second-generation Libertarian activist, the product of unschooling, peaceful parenting, and starting university at 14 years old. Her work within the Libertarian movement includes being Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire from 2006-2008, anti-war activism since 2003, Badnarik's 2004 campaign, Ron Paul's 2008 campaign, and Johnson's 2016 campaign.

She is known for her open and active Facebook personality, writing for The Libertarian Republic and Thoughts on Liberty, and has recently been taking photos at some of the liberty events she attends.

Her work outside the Libertarian movement is directing operations at a Los Angeles media startup, where they develop digital advertising and influencer-based marketing campaigns for large brands like Ford, Guess Jeans and Air New Zealand. She previously worked for Peter Schiff at Euro Pacific Capital, and is also an adviser to JeKuDo, a startup focused on secure messaging apps.

Avens is convinced that libertarianism is the most attractive and compassionate philosophy there is, and works to embody that belief and to share it with the world. With her background in sales and advertising, she wants to teach other liberty activists how to have productive conversations about liberty, and reach to the left and to the right to find allies and grow the movement. Her writings, interviews and work can all be found at http://www.avens.me.

Sara Scarlett

Sara Scarlett lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. By day she is a writer, and activist. By night she is a comedian, art enthusiast and neo-decadent poet.

Since 2009, she has been advocating for Classical Liberal ideas and policies in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Sara's particular policy interests include mutual aid and alternative welfare models, housing, future technologies, agricultural policy and ‘sindustry’.

Lorraine Finlay

Lorraine Finlay is a law lecturer at Murdoch University, teaching in constitutional law, criminal law and international human rights. Her recent research has focused on freedom of speech, being one of the co-authors of the 2015 book No Offence Intended: Why 18C is Wrong.

Prior to joining Murdoch, Lorraine worked as a State Prosecutor with the WA DPP and was a Judge’s Associate at the High Court of Australia. She holds a dual Masters in Law from New York University and National University of Singapore.

Lorraine is a former President of the Australian Liberal Students' Federation (2001-02) and international intern with The Leadership Institute in Washington D.C (2002).

Suri Ratnapala

Professor Suri Ratnapala, Emeritus Professor at The University of Queensland and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, is considered one of Australia’s finest legal scholars.

Professor Ratnapala is the author of numerous books and published papers on constitutional law, legal philosophy and constitutional political economy. He has received the Sir Anthony Fisher Memorial Prize, a John Templeton Foundation Award, the Allan McGregor Fellowship, and the Centenary of Australian Federation Medal in recognition of his contributions to scholarship in these fields. He was elected as a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, the peak body of classical liberal scholars, and served on its Board of Directors from 2008 to 2014.

In addition to his academic work, Professor Ratnapala has been a consultant with USAID - US Agency for International Development, AusAID, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank - ADB in institutional capacity building projects in Asia, and is currently a consultant to the Government of Sri Lanka on the framing of its proposed new constitution. Prior to entering the academy he was Senior State Counsel in Sri Lanka.

Zoltán Kész

Zoltan Kesz is a member of the Hungarian Parliament & one of the founders of the Free Market Foundation in Hungary.The mission of the Free Market Foundation is to represent, defend, and advance free market values, ideas, and policies in Hungary and among speakers of the Hungarian language. The foundation stands for personal liberty and responsibility, the rule of law, and tolerance, the strengthening of liberty rights, transparency, and constitutionalism.

In 2015, he won a by-election in Hungary in a crucial moment. His historic victory ended the two-thirds superpower of the governing party which was used to implement a new constitution and new laws curtailing the freedom of speech, human rights and the power of the constitutional court. Now he is a Member of Parliament as an independent. He has published many articles both in English and Hungarian. Kesz has a weekly column in one of the country’s popular online papers and we are delighted he shall be joining us!

Wolfgang Kasper

He spent his formative years in post-war West Germany, Switzerland, London, Paris and Madrid. After his doctoral thesis in international economics, he was invited to join the small Bürgenstock Group of academics and international bankers (1968-70), which had been initiated by Milton Friedman to demonstrate to skeptical politicians and bureaucrats that flexible exchange rates would enhance economic policy and performance. Kasper worked on the staff of the German Council of Economic Advisors, the Kiel Institute of World Economics and as a Harvard University Advisor to the Malaysian Minister of Finance.

In 1973, he joined the Australian National University. From 1977-1999, he served as the foundation Professor of Economics on the UNSW Defence Force Academy campus in Canberra, and thereafter for seven years as a Senior Fellow with the Centre for Independent Studies in Sydney. He also worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia, OECD in Paris, and the Federal Reserve of San Francisco. In the early 1980s, he was an early visitor to China, where he not only observed the early sprouting of the seeds of capitalism, but also advocated ways to make these early initiatives grow forcefully.

Kasper has had a long-standing professional interest in cultivating institutions that empower ordinary, enterprising people. He looks back on a long record of research and consulting for business and governments, both in mature economies and Pacific-Rim countries. From the 1970s, he was an early advocate of the economic reforms in Australia and New Zealand.

He became the lead author of Australia at the Crossroads (published in 1980), which subsequently served as the rallying point for the ‘Dries’ in parliaments, business and the media. This ‘Crossroads Group’ helped to pave the way for the economic reforms of the Hawke-Keating/Howard-Costello era. He is also the lead author of a well-known textbook on institutional economics, whose second edition (Institutional Economics – Property, Competition, Policies) was published in 2012. His other books and more than 250 articles published here and overseas can be found via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfgang_Kasper

Ahmed Suliman

Ahmed is the Chairperson of Australia and New Zealand Students For Liberty and is a student of Engineering and Economics at the University of Western Australia.Ahmed found himself searching for answers to the world's economic and political disputes growing up. This struggle was made somewhat easier when he was introduced to the ideas of liberty through a friend at university. Needless to say, he has been hooked ever since.

Since then, Ahmed has helped start libertarian groups on campuses, and became the Chairperson of ANZSFL in June 2016. He has also been involved with various pro-liberty organisations including Australian Taxpayers' Alliance, the Australian Libertarian Society, and the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation.

He also muddles in politics, holding various positions in the WA Liberal Party, and has worked for two federal parliamentarians.

Sam Bowman

Ever thought that mainstream libertarianism came across as a bit too harsh? That we need to sell the message of free markets more as improving the lives of the disadvantaged? That the empirics of small government show that it works - but we should be less dogmatic, and more practical about how we present them? Sam Bowman, Executive Director of the UK Based Adam Smith Institute, has been making just these very arguments.

Sam is interested in the political economy of “Bleeding Heart Libertarianism”, a school of thought that tries to use free market policies to improve the welfare of the poor. His key policy areas are immigration and planning, which he sees as the two major areas where states hurt the poor globally and in the UK respectively. He is also interested in market monetarism and the epistemic challenges facing social democracy.

In a recent viral and provocative article, he argued in favour of a group of people he called 'neoliberals': "These are people who are libertarianish — but they are fundamentally different to the mainstream libertarian movement when it comes to important values and approaches, and frankly lots of libertarians hate them for being, in their eyes, too statist or leftist. I am one of them, and perhaps you are too. Many of our left-wing opponents would describe us as neoliberal to slander us. I suggest we follow the Suffragettes and wear this label with pride."

In 2014 he wrote “Quids In: How sterlingization and free banking could help Scotland flourish” which argued that an independent Scotland could use free banking to maximise its financial stability, which was featured by nearly every major news outlet in the UK, including Newsnight, BBC News, The Guardian, The Scotsman, The Times, The Financial Times and The Telegraph.

You can follow him on twitter at @s8mb and, and read his restaurant reviews (!) at http://straightuplondon.com/

Dr Tanvir Ahmed

Dr Ahmed is an Australian based psychiatrist and author who has involvement in the media and politics. He is an elected councillor at the City of Canada Bay. He appears in various media, most commonly regular contributions to Channel 7′s Weekend Sunrise and columns in the Spectator Australia.

He has previously had regular columns in national newspapers, undertaken international news stories and co-hosted a prime time gameshow. His migration memoir is titled “The Exotic Rissole.” and he recently published "Fragile Nation:Vulnerability, Resilience and Victimhood " through Connor Court Publishing. He lives in Sydney with his wife and two daughters.

Andrew Bragg

Andrew Bragg commenced as Director of Policy & Research of the Menzies Research Centre in November 2016. He is also head of the newly established Enterprise Policy Unit. Andrew is responsible for policy development, research and advocacy at the centre with a particular focus on enterprise / business policy.

Andrew is a regular commentator on tax reform, federalism, trade and financial services policy in the nation’s daily newspapers, radio and television.

Before joining the MRC in 2016, Andrew was Director of Policy and Global Markets at the Financial Services Council (FSC) from 2013 to 2016.

At the FSC, Andrew led a highly regarded policy unit which delivered groundbreaking self-regulation including the Trowbridge Review of Life Insurance / Life Insurance Code of Practice and a requirement for superannuation boards to contain independent directors.

Previously, Andrew worked for Ernst & Young in its internal audit division.

Jordan Williams

And we are delighted to be joined by some of our friends from across the Tasman! Jordan Williams is the founder and executive director of the New Zealand Taxpayers' Union!

His background is in law and accounting and in 2011 he was spokesperson for Vote for Change, a lobby group that campaigned against the retention of the MMP electoral system.

You can read a profile on him at http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/76443761/National-portrait-Taxpayers-Union-founder-Jordan-Williams

Rola Brentlin

Founder of a libertarian think tank? Once arrested by the KGB? Now working for Big Tobacco? Rola is the co-founder of Migro Foundation, a Swedish think tank promoting free trade and liberal immigration policies.

She has a background in the Moderate Party in Sweden and has been a featured columnist in several Swedish newspapers. In 2015 she co-authored the book ”Vi kallar dem tiggare” (translation: we call them beggers) which highlights the challenges of the Roma community in Europe.

Since 2011 Rola is working with Corporate Affairs for Philip Morris International and has since been based in Switzerland, Israel, India and currently Hong Kong.

David Leyonhjelm

With the Aerial Function centre refusing to allow us to invite his cat, we'll just have to settle for Australia's most well known libertarian, winner of the 2014 Australian Libertarian of the Year award, and first open libertarian elected from a libertarian party to any Federal Legislature, the one, the only, Senator David Leyonhjelm - Liberal Democrats Senator NSW!

Professor Sinclair Davidson

Sinclair Davidson is Professor of Institutional Economics in the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT University, a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, and an Academic Fellow at The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance.

He is a regular contributor to public debate and opinion pieces have been published in The Age, The Australian, Australian Financial Review, The Conversation, Daily Telegraph, The Drum, Sydney Morning Herald, and Wall Street Journal Asia. Sinclair has published in academic journals such as the European Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and the Cato Journal. He blogs at Catallaxy Files and Tweets @SincDavidson.

Dr Chris Berg

Chris is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. He is a regular columnist with ABC's The Drum and editor of the IPA Review.

He is author of Liberty, Equality & Democracy (2015), Magna Carta: The Tax Revolt That Gave Us Liberty (2015, with John Roskam), In Defence of Freedom of Speech: from Ancient Greece to Andrew Bolt (2012), and The Growth of Australia's Regulatory State (2008)

His new book, The Libertarian Alternative, is being released by Melbourne University Publishing in May 2016, and he will be signing copies hopefully at the conference!

Malcolm Roberts

Malcolm is a family man and has a background in engineering, mining, business leadership and has a keen interest in economics; he is also passionate about climate change data and facts.

Spending the early years of his life in India, Malcolm then moved to the bush in Central QLD and also lived in the Hunter Valley (NSW) and Brisbane before graduating from the University of Queensland with honours as an engineer. He then decided to get practical experience working as a coalface miner—mainly underground—for three years around Australia.

Brad Matthews

One of our most keenly anticipated sessions this year is on homeschooling, un-schooling, and alternative education. One of the most exciting developments in this field as an alternative to traditional tertiary education has been the creation of Praxis and joining us to talk about it will be Australia's only Praxis graduate, Brad Matthews

Brad is a primary school teacher turned alt-ed advocate from the Central Coast of NSW. He graduated the University of Newcastle with Honours in 2014 and taught for a year. Wanting something more and unable to reconcile his personal values with the school environment, he applied and was accepted into Praxis.

After graduating from Praxis in November 2016 he launched UnschoolHQ, a growing project that aims to support and guide parents on their unschooling journey. This is in addition to continuing work for the business that he was placed with for Praxis, Practice Paradox.

Ross Cameron

Ross was the Federal Liberal MP for Paramatta from 1996-2004, known for being the only MP in the howard government who consistently advocated for cutting spending, and presently is a host on Sky News Australia, as well as being a frequent commentator in the media.

As a member of The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance Board of Advisers, he is dedicated to reducing the size and scope of government, and we are delighted that he will once again be joining us!

Ken Phillips

Ken is a published authority on independent contractor issues and directs research on related commercial and trade practices issues. Through his numerous articles in newspapers and think-tank and academic journals, Ken is known for approaching issues from outside normal perspectives and is frequently sought out for media comment.

A previous Research Fellow at the Institute for Public Affairs, and a member of the HR Nicholls Society Board of Management, Ken is currently working on exposing the nefarious activities and violations of the rule of law by the Australian Taxation Office.

Andie Moore

Andie was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, drawn to libertarianism reading about the 1980s liberal reforms of former finance minister Roger Douglas, and also encountering the perils of bureaucracy during their teen years. Having ranted endlessly about the shortcomings of government, they channelled their libertarian angst into starting New Zealand’s first Students for Liberty club.

Andie currently lives in Melbourne, and is about to commence their second year of a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and International Studies and Social Theory at the University of Melbourne. Andie identifies as a left-libertarian, and is thoroughly interested in anarchism, feminism, queer theory, agorism, and freed markets, with the aim of a freer society based on reciprocity, free exchange and self-determination. They’re also the vice-chairperson of Australia and New Zealand Students for Liberty.

Eva Gundelach

Eva Gundelach is a regional coordinator for the Australia & NZ Students For Liberty, and has also recently co-founded the SFL chapter at Curtin University in the hope of growing our numbers and introduce other students to the morality of free markets. She will be interning at the Atlas Network in Washington DC this semester as a Mannkal Scholar.

Eva grew up in the socialist utopia of Denmark, where she was raised by somewhat libertarian parents, and moved to Perth, Australia 6 years ago. Eva is particularly concerned with the rapid increase of costs in everything the government touches: healthcare, education and childcare. Winding back regulations and red-tape remains high on her agenda.

Bianca Lynn

Bianca Talbot is currently in her final year at Murdoch University studying a Bachelor of Laws and an Arts Minor in Politics and International Relations. During her studies, she has undertaken a Human Rights Law Program in Geneva, Switzerland and has also interned at the Institute of Public Affairs during the summer of 2016 as a Mannkal Scholar.

Her passions include Constitutional law, Legal Theory, and International law. Bianca has just returned from a trip to the USA where she witnessed the results of a nation that has forgotten how to govern itself, despite having a strong constitutional tradition. She hopes she can one day play a role in the restoration of the very constitutional arrangement of government that the drafters intended to protect so we don’t end up in the same situation.

She has a paper published in the Western Australian Jurist titled Radical Feminism’s Opposition to Liberty as she decided to take on radical ‘feminazis’ during her role as Women’s Representative on the Murdoch Guild Council in 2014.

Bianca also operates her own fitness business.

Dr Colin Mendelsohn

Dr Colin Mendelsohn is a smoking cessastion specialist and an Associate Professor in the School of School of Public Health and Community Medicine.

He is a member of the NSW Health Advisory Panel on e-cigarettes and one of Australia's leading experts in vaping technologies. Colin graduated as a doctor from the University of Sydney in 1976 with honours. He worked as a general practitioner for nearly 30 years, with a special interest in smoking cessation.

Emily Kuzeva

Emily graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Global) degree from Monash University in 2013 with a double major in International Studies and Spanish. She is currently working as a secondary school teacher in Australia, after completing a Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning in July last year.

During her time at university, Emily spent around 3 years overseas for study, private travel and voluntary purposes. Today she is a strong proponent of free market economics and libertarianism and hopes to be able to contribute to the goal of achieving a truly democratic and minimal statist society into the future.

Emily also recently completed the Atlas Network Think Tank Leadership Training course, and is a previous Mannkal Scholar.

Robert Carling

Robert Carling is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies. Robert is researching and writing about fiscal policy, taxation and federalism. In addition to working on TARGET30 papers Robert has recently written reports called Shrink Taxation by Shrinking Government! and States of Debt.

Prior to joining the CIS, Robert was Executive Director, Economic and Fiscal at the New South Wales Treasury from 1998 to 2006. Previous position have been with Commonwealth Treasury, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. He holds academic qualifications in economics and finance from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Georgetown University and the University of Queensland!

Rory Broomfield

Rory Broomfield is the Director of The Freedom Association, and was the Director of the Brexit "Better Off Out Campaign". He has previously worked in the City of London for numerous small businesses and Westminster for a number of MPs including Theresa May, Sir Richard Shepherd and Graham Brady.

He is an authority on the EU and has written a number of books, including Membership of the EU: There Are Alternatives, The EU’s Effect on the UK’s Place in the World, and The Future’s Bright—The Future’s Global. Broomfield is a regular commentator on a range of domestic and international media outlets. He holds a First Class degree in Politics from the University of York and Master’s degrees from City University London and Warwick Business School. In June 2016 he participated via Skype in an Australian Taxpayers' Alliance Sydney-Based #Brexit discussion.

His most recent work, co-authored with previous Friedman Conference Speaker Iain Murray is entitled :Cutting the Gordian Knot: A Roadmap for British Exit from the European Union" which may be downloaded here: https://cei.org/sites/default/files/Iain%20Murray%20and%20Rory%20Broomfield%20-%20Cutting%20the%20Gordian%20Knot.pdf

Professor Jeff Bennett

Professor Jeff Bennett is Professor of Environmental Management at the Crawford School of Public Policy at ANU, a member of the Board of the Mont Pelerin Society and the previous Director of the Environmental and Economics Research Hub at ANU.

Professor Bennett has over 30 years experience researching, consulting and teaching in the fields of Environmental Economics, Natural Resource Economics, Agricultural Economics and Applied Micro-Economics.

He is also is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and a Distinguished Fellow of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society, where he was formally president. He is a member of the Academic Advisory Councils of the Centre for Independent Studies and the Menzies research Centre.

His most recent book, “Little Green Lies: An exposé of twelve environmental myths” is availiable from http://www.connorcourt.com/catalog1/index.php… and we are delighted that he shall be joining us!

Ebony Graveur

Ebony Graveur is a writer and student at the Queensland University of Technology, and has previously studied at Bath Spa University in the United Kingdom. Ebony is interested in the way people think and the way they make decisions, and her writing has focussed on applying philosophy, fact and evidence to contemporary scenarios and problems.

Not only is she known for her political work, she is renowned for her poetry, and, in addition to this, her satire, including pieces that have been published by sources as ecclectic as the Betoota Advocate! Her blog can be found at http://moraypress.com